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faq on how i make stuff


  • Sometimes I use fabric markers (sharpies or tulip fabric paint) and I draw images straight onto the tee. It works pretty well depending on the material. Sometimes it fades but, it helps to wash your tee’s inside out. 
  • I also go to a local printing shop. There are tons of printing stores around where I live (and there is probably one where you live too)! Just google t-shirt printings peeps and you’re sure to find one. However, you usually have to buy in bulk which is very expensive.


  • I rented a button machine! I got the 1 1/4 size which is a little bit bigger than the “average” button (if there is one). Again, there is probably a person who sells button machines where you live. If not, you can maybe rent online. I know for sure that you can buy them online but, a good, sturdy, ever-lasting button machine is very expensive.
  • I’ve also made my own pins (not buttons), by gluing items to “pin backs.” You can probably find them at your local craft store/ art supplies store/ etsy/ ebay/ anywhere. These are better for personalized gifts rather than going into mass production.

Post cards/ prints/ zines/ stickers:

  • Again, local print stores. There are like a bazillion online and probs one around where you live.
  • Kinkos!!!!!! It is the best/ worst place ever.
  • I sometimes draw on sticker paper for custom stickers.

Gifs/ Anything to do with editing:

  • PHOTOSHOP is your best friend EVER. It’s HELLA expensive (I bought the student pack or something, it comes with photoshop, indesign, illustrator and some other stuff). You can download copies of photoshop on this amazing thing called the world wide web. I invested in it because I use it nearly every single day and it is just the best thing ever. Also, the best way to learn how to use photoshop is by playing around. I use to take a graphic arts program but it was pretty shitty lol. There are a million ways to just do ONE task and you can choose how to do it. Also, tutorials online are VERY useful, especially the “step-by-step” ones or the video ones. 

And that concludes how I go about making  ”“”art”“” if there are any more questions, that I didn’t answer, I will add it to this list!

Questions About The Art Materials That I Use


  • Moleskins
  • Various Sketchbook Paper
  • Card Stock
  • Regular Printer Paper

Collage Material: 

  • Found Books
  • National Geographic 
  • Photographs that I have taken and edited then re-printed


  • Copic Markers
  • Sharpies
  • Microns 
  • Staedtler 
  • Prismacolour 
  • Pencil Crayons/ Various markers 
  • There usually fine tipped pens like 0.05-0.5

Programs That I Edit With:

  • Illustrator (Cs6)
  • Photoshop (Cs6)

Feel free to ask me about stuff that I may have missed!