\ poop girl draws

Anonymous said: you never posted the rest of the drawing box pictures ://

i know!!! ill post em’ soon sry, I’m a busy gal

Anonymous said: where did you get that tote? did you make it? it's so cute

I made the tote! I might b selling bags again soon :)

Anonymous said: if you don't mind… are you in post-secondary? and if you are, what are you studying? i think that your art is really cool! :)

yah!! i just started my 2nd year at OCAD for illustration! 

Touching butts!!!

Happy Birthday to Rookie! Every time I go on the website, I am reminded of the amazing community that I have the privilege of contributing to! These people act as my mentors, best friends and older siblings, even if I’ve never met them before. They inspire me to create and challenge my thoughts. I want to also say thank you to everyone who reads Rookie! I look at all your comments, I love hearing your responses and feedback. You are also contributing to the community, I feel so connected to each one of you :)))

Ah first day of class and I do not want to get out of bedddddddd

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