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so last year in our year books we got to have grad boxes where u could do whatever u wanted with them and this kid came up to me and was like “can u draw a bee in a trap” and i drew it but i was so fucking confused for the longest time… . .. …  .… .… .. . 


Anonymous said: do you feel like it is necessary to reflect your art style with your clothes? i notice a lot of artists seem to either effortlessly or intentionally and it is very cool!

I don’t think it’s necessary but, I think it comes through without conscious thinking. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable/ draw what you like. I like clothes because they represent my personality and I’m able to shape shift into different characters; almost like I have control over changing the drawing. I feel like it’s just another creative outlet that artists like to explore! 

sup how are u
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Anonymous said: is there a way i could buy one of your shirts???

There is one tee still available and I just made a super-duper cool listing, check it out!!

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Spent the day drawing in my pi’s and editing my theme
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